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For over 20 years AA(S.E.) has offered a holistic approach in providing accountancy services  tailored to the client’s individual needs. Through this we have built a wide and stable client base focused primarily on those working in the media and entertainments sector.

In early 1996, the small firm for which I worked, was taken over by a much larger, Central London based organisation. Both of us having an innate objection to being bought and sold like sacks of potatoes and having reviewed the doubtful promises made in our proposed terms of employment, we decided that we could offer a friendlier and better value service to our clients and contacts in the Arts, Entertainment and Media fields.

The business has grown steadily from then, but I hope that the ethos has remained constant. That it is not a commodity controlled by the whim of its owners, but as an endeavor run equally on behalf of the owners (shareholders), staff and clients. This, I hope, is reflected by the modest turnover of both staff and clients. If both are treated as being here for the long term, then the whole accountancy and taxation process should become less of an ordeal, for both sides! As a general policy, we do not take on clients in business sectors or in areas of taxation with which we are unfamiliar. This does not mean that we do not help friends of our client family in other areas as total specialism breeds blinkers, but we must be selective.

It is hoped that this approach will mean that we shall still be around for many years to come, in an increasingly changing environment for both accountancy and taxation, even though this writer’s ugly mug and appalling literary style will have been consigned to the background.

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